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At Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law, I deal with the intricate areas of family law. There’s no such thing as the perfect family, and sometimes outside help is necessary to help resolve a crisis and breakdowns in even the best of families. I take your privacy seriously and try to make sure you have all the answers you need before and throughout the legal process.

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Are you facing criminal charges? Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law will give you excellent legal representation. I have handled cases in Mohave County, ranging from disorderly conduct to DUI to child endangerment to first-degree murder. It is known that the constitution guarantees everyone a fair trial, and it is assumed that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. Contact me immediately in the case of criminal charges, and I will let you know what can be done on your behalf.

Experienced Attorney with 20+ Years

Apart from his extensive and varied experience in criminal law, Eric J. Engan personally has more than 20 years of trial experience. This affords his clients with the intricate knowledge of procedures, so crucial in forming a winning strategy for each case. If you are facing a criminal charge, you should call Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law, and you can rest assured that you are working with one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Mohave county.

My Specialty

Criminal defense

Eric J Engan has defended nearly every kind of criminal case. I believe that when you want answers and results, you need a master at legal representation who can skillfully navigate each detail of your case. You are working with the best when you retain me to represent you. I use every resource and legal procedure to your advantage for the best outcome of your case. Contact me now to talk about your criminal defense.

Family law

Remember, no matter what kind of case you’re involved in, you’ll need a qualified and skillful attorney for legal representation to be by your side. For marriage dissolution, custody, and child or spousal support, and other family law matters trust me to get the job done with as little stress as possible. In cases of domestic violence, child abuse, and juvenile defense, cases that involve a familiarity with both criminal and family law, I am one of Kingman, Arizona’s best choice to preserve your legal rights. Contact me for an initial consultation.

Vehicular cases

Traffic charges can be treated as criminal matters in many cases. Whether it’s reckless driving, severe traffic accidents involving injury or death, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don’t be unrepresented. As a respected attorney in criminal defense, I’m here to provide you with expert legal representation when you need it.

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