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If you are searching for a family and criminal law office that is trustworthy and professional, call Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law in Kingman, Arizona. I pride myself on providing excellent representation for most types of criminal and family law cases. I will work with you to make sure you understand the complexities of your case and I will come up with a plan for your situation. If you’re in trouble or need legal help, call on an advocate who will fight for you. Don’t hesitate. Contact me today!

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Glowing Reviews

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“I lucked out with finding Mr. Eric Engan. I had a very complicated divorce with children. The divorce was the easy part. It was the custody battle that was complicated. My now ex husband lived/lives in Mohave County. While I Live in Maricopa County. After I had already spent thousands upon thousands on a horrible attorney here in Maricopa County, I ended up with a jurisdiction dispute by my ex husband. Rather than fighting that fight and spending more money, I chose to just do it his way and find a new attorney in Mohave County. That was the best decision I could have made in my divorce, because that lead me to Eric Engan! I didn’t find Mr Engan by referral, or by reviews. I found him through a quick google search. I literally called him up out of desperation while I was already on my way to Kingman, and begged him to sit down with me when I got into town in a couple hours. He agreed. He took on my complicated case, and the best part….He fought like hell for my children and I. Because of him I get to wake up to my children every morning. Because of him my ex husband and I are actually on an excellent coparenting level with each other now. Mr. Engan was excellent at staying I contact with me despite there being several hundred miles between us. He was always quick to reply to urgent emails, or phone calls. Even on weekends he made himself available to me at all times for things that felt like emergencies at that time in my life. Mr. Engan is the reason I have my family today, and I could never thank him and his assistant Jennifer enough. You have no idea how many times I have wished that he was located here in Phoenix so I could recommend him to others in my area. My family and I are eternally grateful for all of his hard work and patience. I think of Eric Engan and Jennifer O’Connell frequently. Usually when I am doing something special with my kids that I otherwise would not be able to do if it wasn’t for them. I’ve told you before, but I could never say it enough. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!”
Shaina Davis

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Who I am

Eric J. Engan is a graduate of Arizona State University College of Law (1994) and since then has practiced law in Mohave County. After several years at the Mohave County Legal Defender’s representing the accused on felonies, misdemeanors and juvenile cases, he’s tried cases ranging from disorderly conduct to first-degree murder. Eric worked with lawyer Robert Bula and then included domestic relations to his practice area, dealing with matters from uncontested to complicated dissolutions involving custody, visitation, support and division of property.
Starting his own practice in 2000, he’s assisted clients in criminal and domestic relations matters and defended clients in over 60 felony jury trials. Eric is fully licensed and insured in Arizona, a Member of the Arizona State Bar and the Mohave County Bar. He will stand by you when you have your day in court. You can count on him!

Experienced Attorney with 20+ Years

Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law in Kingman, AZ provides family law and criminal defense representation. I have extensive trial experience and have been practicing for over 20 years. From seemingly simple to very complex cases, my family and criminal law office represents each client aggressively and always works only in their best interest. With experience in criminal matters, I offer appointment flexibility and do my utmost to accommodate each client. Call my family law and criminal law office in Kingman, Arizona for a defense you can count on.

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What I Believe In

Nothing is more important to people than preserving their freedom, or getting custody of, or maintaining visitation with their children. That’s what much of my practice consists of.

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  • Experience With Criminal Context
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Appointment Flexibility
  • Extensive Trial Experience
  • Practicing For Over 20 Years
  • Member Of Mohave County Bar
  • Licensed In Arizona
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Family And Criminal Law Expert In Kingman, Az

Get Expert Family Law Help

At Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law, I deal with the intricate areas of family law. There’s no such thing as the perfect family, and sometimes outside help is necessary to help resolve a crisis and breakdowns in even the best of families. I take your privacy seriously and try to make sure you have all the answers you need before and throughout the legal process.

Family law

Remember, no matter what kind of case you’re involved in, you’ll need a qualified and skillful attorney for legal representation to be by your side. For marriage dissolution, custody, and child or spousal support, and other family law matters trust me to get the job done with as little stress as possible. In cases of domestic violence, child abuse, and juvenile defense, cases that involve a familiarity with both criminal and family law, I am one of Kingman, Arizona’s best choice to preserve your legal rights. Contact me for an initial consultation.

Vehicular cases

Traffic charges can be treated as criminal matters in many cases. Whether it’s reckless driving, severe traffic accidents involving injury or death, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don’t be unrepresented. As a respected attorney in criminal defense, I’m here to provide you with expert legal representation when you need it.

Get Expert Criminal Law Help

Are you facing criminal charges? Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law will give you excellent legal representation. I have handled cases in Mohave County, ranging from disorderly conduct to DUI to child endangerment to first-degree murder. It is known that the constitution guarantees everyone a fair trial, and it is assumed that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. You are working with the best when you retain me to represent you. I use every resource and legal procedure to your advantage for the best outcome of your case. Contact me immediately in the case of criminal charges, and I will let you know what can be done on your behalf.

Engan Eric J Attorney At Law


Q: “Is a lawyer necessary to get a divorce?”

A: The answer depends on your situation, and, more importantly, you. Some people can manage their cases and do a very effective job. On the other hand, a significant number of my clients have come to me because they started their case, ran into trouble, and had to seek assistance. Almost always, it is better if the family law attorney is involved in the case from the beginning.

Q: “If I’m arrested, should I tell my side of the story?”

A: Ordinarily, it is not a good idea. Everyone’s heard the famous “Miranda rights.” You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney. It’s a good idea to exercise those rights. Many times, people think, “Well, if I didn’t do anything wrong, why shouldn’t I talk to the police?” Let’s put it this way: More than one person in prison “didn’t do it” either. You don’t want to be the next such person.

Q: “Does the mother always win in a custody case?”

A: No. This view may have had some support in past decades, but the presumption today is that either father or mother are ordinarily capable of effectively parenting their children, and neither side has an advantage before the judge.

Q: “If I get stopped for a DUI, do I have to submit to a test?”

A: A police officer who suspects you of driving under the influence may ask you to take some field sobriety tests. These are a series of “divided attention” tests that the officer uses to look for signs of impairment. It is my opinion that ordinarily it is not in your best interest to take these tests, and there is no penalty for respectfully declining to do so. You also don’t have to take the “breath test,” however; you need to be aware that the presumption is that when you got your driver’s license, you consented to the breath test. If you decline to take that test, you will lose your privilege to drive in Arizona for a year. And, if you go to trial, you may expect a jury instruction that the jury may presume, if you didn’t blow, that you were “over the limit.”

Q: “How much child support am I going to have to pay?”

A: This depends on several things. Your income, the other party’s income, the number of children, the age of the children, other children not common to the parties, expenses for things such as health insurance and daycare, and the amount of visitation, or parenting time, you are going to exercise with the children are all important factors. The Arizona Legislature has included these factors in certain guidelines, with which you or your family law attorney will file a child support worksheet, and the judge will order an appropriate amount of child support based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

Q: “How much is a consultation? What should I bring to the consultation?”

A: $200, for up to one hour of time. You should bring all documents associated with your case. If you are served with divorce or custody documents, bring those. If you have a police report, bring that.

Q: “How do I find your office?”

A: My office is at 400 West Route 66. If you are at “400 Route 66,” you might see El Palacio Mexican Restaurant. They have excellent chicken and cheese flautas, but they are not a law office. My office is eight blocks in the other direction. Visit the contact us page to get specific directions.

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Eric J. Engan Attorney at Law is an expert attorney that will take your case seriously. If you are in need of representation in a criminal or family law matter, please call or use our convenient form below.

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